Whether you are throwing a baby shower, fraternity/sorority party, corporate event, wedding, or other types of events, a photo booth will help improve the whole experience. Photo booths give your guests something engaging to do during the party, offer a fun keepsake, and capture memories.

It’s pretty easy to decide to rent a photo booth. The difficult aspect is trying to determine what type of photo booth is ideal for your event.

Usually, the most common options are selfie stations and portrait photo booths. So, which one is best for your party?

Here are some things to consider for your photo booth hire Glasgow:

Consider the Features

Both selfie stations and portrait photo booths include fun features to improve the experience of your guests. Usually, portrait booths include a photo book add-on. On the other hand, selfie stations include attendant and backdrop add-ons.

If you want your guests to have fun with props, a lot of rental companies offer a prop package add-on to both options.

If you’re hosting a corporate event, you can also consider getting an email capture add-on. This will allow the guest to add their emails to your email list. Furthermore, the portrait booth also features an add-on custom branded photo covers for each photo.

For weddings, a portrait booth can come with a custom thank you card add-on. These cards usually match the theme of your wedding.

There are a lot of other add-ons you can consider. Thus, be sure you read all the available add-ons for your photo booth before you pick which type you should rent.

Think About the Look

What type of look do you want for your photo booth? Usually, a portrait photo booth includes a backdrop. A rental company can provide you with tons of options to choose from. If the rental company does not have a backdrop that fits the theme of your event, they can create a personalized backdrop for you. However, you might have to pay an additional fee.

Selfie stations usually don’t include a backdrop. However, you can purchase one as an add-on. If you think that adding a backdrop is too expensive for you, perhaps your venue has an excellent background that you can use.

You can also utilize the party as the background. This means that you’re going to face the photo booth towards the dance floor.

Think About Your Guests

One of the things you need to consider is your guest. If you’re hosting a party for younger people, they will probably find the selfie station more appropriate for them since they know how to use it.

Also, younger guests will love the features that the selfie station provides. This includes DIY GIFs and silly filters.

On the other hand, if you’re hosting a party for older individuals, they might prefer a tangible photo that they can take home.

If your guests are old people, you should consider renting a portrait photo booth. These photo booths often include an attendant that will help your guests navigate the booth and take photos.